The Way to Glory

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The Way to Glory

Major General Sir Henry Havelock

John Pollock

Pages: 304
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Isbn 13: 9781857922455
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Most English towns have a 'Havelock Street', 'Square' or 'Road' - why? The answer as to why townsfolk should enthusiatically rename their streets after a Victorian General is to be found in this gripping biography of Henry Havelock, the hero of the Siege of Lucknow.

Henry Havelock was a respected soldier in the British army in India, where he served for most of his career. He was a pioneer in the giving away of bibles to soldiers and organising bible studies.

A grateful nation recognised him with a knighthood and a statue at Trafalgar Square in the centre of London. When he died, from the wounds he received at Lucknow, a public holiday was declared and the nation mourned.

About John Pollock

The late John Pollock, an award-winning biographer, had a flair for telling a dramatic story. He used this talent to write many biographies including ones on D. L. Moody and Major General Sir Henry Havelock.

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"This is not a book for the squeamish: horrible crimes were committed in the Mutiny and terrible vengeance was exacted. But above all the blood and thunder, no reader can fail to find inspiration in Havelock's example."

English Churchman

...John Pollock's biographies are invariably meticulously researched, godly and well-earthed. Way to Glory is no exception. It is probably the most inspiring biography of a British evangelical Christian officer that has ever been written. It can be recommended without reserve.

Brigadier Ian Dobbie, Evangelicals Now

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