Women Elders in the Kirk?

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Women Elders in the Kirk?

A. T. B. McGowan

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Some Presbyterian Denominations have made the mistake of treating the ordination of women as of primary importance and ministers who take a different view, based not on male chauvinism but on their understanding of Scripture, have been forced to resign their charges and leave their denomination. Whilst it is right and proper for such denominations to protect the position of women whom they have agreed ought to be ordained, is it moral to do that at the expense of men who have conscientious and scriptural objections?

Those who are interested in this whole debate, especially within Presbyterian circles will find this new book, written by four Presbyterian ministers in the Church of Scotland, helpful in at least understanding their views on the matter . . . One of the lovely aspects . . . is the gracious spirit in which the authors write.

About A. T. B. McGowan

Andrew McGowan is the minister of East Church of Scotland, Inverness. He was formerly the Principal of the Highland Theological College.

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"...helpful in at least understanding their views...One of the lovely the gracious spirit in which the authors write."

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The contributor who presented the biblical picture, the Rev C Peter White announced on 12th October 2010 that he had changed his mind and now had no problem with the ordination of women

Posted by Anonymous User at 18:07 on Thursday 21 October 2010