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Who Am I?

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Who Am I?

The Christian Hunger for Self-identity

Robert L Thomas

Pages: 224
Trim: Large trade paperback (216 x 138mm)
Isbn 13: 9781857925197
List Price: £11.99
Imprint: Mentor
Category: Theology & Doctrine > Systematic Theology > Anthropology / Man

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Using New Testament passages, Thomas examines how the Christian is to think, and explains how a correct, biblical view of self should radically transform our Christian living.

Starting from the premise that 'how we think has everything to do with how we behave' (p. 14), he emphasises our need to understand the 'death/life' paradox in order to be able to live lives appropriate to our new identity in Christ.

Thomas goes on to examine various aspects of the Christian life including: our relationship to the Law; family tensions and responsibilities; the enticements of the world; suffering for our faith; witnessing to others; fruitfulness and its implications; Christian submission; following the will of God; and biblical definitions of success and failure.

About Robert L Thomas

Robert L. Thomas is Professor of New Testament at The Master's Seminary, Sun Valley, California.

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A refreshing Biblical approach to the psychological angst of our culture. Much Christian counseling is too influenced by Pagan thinking. Robert Thomas points us back to the Bible for our answers.

Paul Blackham, Pastor of Tarleton Farm Fellowship, Preston, Lancashire

"The Word of God acts like a mirror to reflect accurately the true reality of one's heart and mind--the authentic self (Prov. 27:19; James 1:23-25). My esteemed colleague and friend, Dr. Robert L. Thomas, explores the biblical breadth and plumbs the theological depth of what Scripture teaches about the reality of "self." With over 40 years of proven NT scholarship to his credit, Dr. Thomas correctly proposes and them compellingly details his thesis that the NT teaches a death-life paradox as the paradigm by which best to understand and live out a proper Christian self-concept. I warmly commend this work."

Richard Mayhue, Senior Vice-President, The Master's Seminary, Sun Valley, California

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