Time for a Check-up!

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Time for a Check-up!

Sammy Horner

Pages: 32
Trim: Pocket paperback (178 x 110mm)
Isbn 13: 9781857922561
List Price: £1.75
Imprint: CF4Kids
Read to me: age 7
Read myself: age 7-11
Category: Children > 8-12 Year Olds > Bible Teaching

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Our bodies have been amazingly designed, but sometimes they don't always work the way we want them to.

Doctors have a way of knowing what the problem is, even if we don't. Did you know there is one Doctor who knows you, from head to toe, from inside out? He knows how you feel, and can help you.

Take time to see if you are in good shape and find out if you know the best Doctor in the world.

About Sammy Horner

Sammy Horner is a full-time children's evangelist and established musician. His wealth of experience in mission work and training has enabled him to communicate with honesty, humour and relevance.

He is currently working with Care and Communication Concern, teaching, 'Lessons for life' Seminars.

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Customer Reviews

As a store owner, I find it ashame that you AGE material, because it isn't "age" as much as maturity!! And not all read (today) at the same level -- -- I found this with Bibles that state "Youth Bible" and adults often NEED them, as they are not mentally mature? Well just a note, most likely will be getting booklets in the near future for distribution.

Posted by Ethel's Bible Center at 20:55 on Friday 13 January 2012