God of All Grace

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God of All Grace

Preacher & Teacher

Douglas MacMillan

Pages: 354
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Isbn 13: 9781857922400
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J. Douglas MacMillan was born in Scotland in 1933. He grew up in Argyllshire and later worked as a shepherd on the family croft.

This inauspicious start in life foreshadowed the role he was to play in becoming the shepherd to a much wider flock as a preacher and teacher, as pastor and professor.

When Douglas Macmillan died he left fond memories in people's hearts and a legacy of changed lives. We trust that this collection of articles, lectures, sermons, and his testimony, will give you the flavour of what made Douglas such a special encourager, and clear thinker, to so many.

About Douglas MacMillan

J. Douglas MacMillan was born in Scotland in 1933 in Argyllshire, became a shepherd on the family croft, and after his conversion, he became a well-beloved preacher, teacher, pastor and professor.

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"He has a most interesting way of taking verses of scripture and almost putting them under the microscope, while at the same time showing how they fit in with God's broader plan...Christ-centred and most readable it provides a feast of hearty spiritual nourishment."

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"The God of All Grace is a wonderful collection of sermons, together with Douglas MacMillan's personal testimony and thirteen collected articles. These range over subjects as varied as grace, evangelistic preaching, three on matters to do with eldership, John Knox-Preacher of the Word and Calvin, Geneva and Christian Mission."

Evangelical Magazine of Wales

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