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Puritan Profiles

54 Contemporaries of the Westminster Assembly

William Barker

Pages: 320
Trim: Large trade hardback (216 x 138mm)
Isbn 13: 9781857921915
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Series: Biography
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The history of seventeenth century England was tumultuous. During this period England underwent a civil war, a regicide, an experiment with republican government, a restoration of monarchy and constant upheavals in politics and religion. What a confusing period! As the century began Puritans were poised against Episcopalians, parliament against the forces of an absolutist monarchy and the question hung in the air - what kind of Christian expression would be the Church of England eventually reflect?

About William Barker

William Barker is Professor of Church History, Emeritus at Westminster Theological Seminary (Philadelphia). He remains Adjunct Professor of Church History at Covenant Theological Seminary, St Louis, Missouri. He was editor of the Presbyterian Journal and has contributed to the Dictionary of Christianity in America.

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For historians and serious history students, Barker's extensive bibliographies are invaluable for research purposes. This is not a book for light reading. It is a fine work of history possessing serious scholarly value.

Dr Tom Dow, President and Professor of Church History, Emmanuel Bible College, Kitchener, Ontario

...a fascinating book which contains fifty-four brief biographies of the Puritan era and weaves their lives into the historical setting of the Westminster Assembly of instructive piece of history and a joy to read.

Banner of Truth Magazine

'For those who admire the confessional statements of the Westminster Assembly but know little of their origins, this is a wonderful introductory volume. The diversity of the assembly participants with their immense commonalities is amazing. Also of interest are the enormous energy involved in the debates, the participants' struggles to understand the Bible, and their freedom to vent disagreement at high decibels while maintaining a spirit of unity. The book is well organized and presented in an effective format ...'

John D. Hannah, Distinguished Professor of Historical Theology, Research Professor of Theological Studies, Dallas Theological Seminary, Dallas, Texas

'Will Barker's love of biography, historian's eye for detail, his personal devotion to Christ and Scripture make these pages an expertly guided tour of the varied characters and remarkable personalities drawn together by the Westminster Assembly.'

Sinclair B. Ferguson, Associate Preacher, St Peter's Free Church, Dundee

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