The Only Hope - Jesus

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The Only Hope - Jesus

Yesterday - Today - Forever

John L McPake, Mark Elliot

Pages: 224
Trim: Large trade paperback (216 x 138mm)
Isbn 13: 9781857927177
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Imprint: Mentor
Category: Theology & Doctrine > Systematic Theology > Christology

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'What do you think of Christ?' is one of those key diagnostic questions that can reveal so much. The answers we are faced with in today's world vary wildly, from being an apocalyptic firebrand to merely a good teacher, but the same question has been posed. What is the truth and how are we to know it?

Taken from lectures given at the Tyndale and Rutherford House Conferences in Cambridge and Edinburgh we see how the study of Christ and his mission has been a fundamental issue of discussion for the Christian faith over the last two thousand years. With contributions from an impressive array of scholars, including I. Howard Marshall, David F. Wright and Donald Macleod we are shown how it will remain so.

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"This is evangelical scholarship at its best."

CLC Review

"Here we have evangelical scholarship at its best. Throughout, the various authors emanate an infectious confidence in Christ, which is so essential to a bold Christian testimony in the church, the academy and society. Only an informed and Spirit-filled confidence can once again turn the world upside down!"

Tim J. R. Trumper, Seventh Reformed Church, Grand Rapids, Michigan

‘In this diverse and extremely competent symposium scholars from the fields of New Testament studies, systematic and historical theology contribute to the answer. Each writes about a specific and significant issue in their discipline... this book demonstrates something of the positive contribution evangelicals have to make to the debate about Jesus Christ.'

Derek Tidball, Formerly Principal of London School of Theology

‘An outstanding collection of papers on one of the most central and controversial themes of Christian doctrine. The contributors have demonstrated their masterly grasp of both the theological issues at stake and the scholarly tools needed to assess those issues for the present day. A first-class symposium.'

Gerald Bray, Research Professor, Beeson Divinity School at Samford University, Birmingham, Alabama

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