The Holy Spirit And the Bible

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The Holy Spirit And the Bible

The Spirit's interpreting role in relation to Biblical Hermeneutics

Paul Brown

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Isbn 13: 9781857926545
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In recent decades, two seemingly unconnected issues have been become prominent in the Christian world. In theological circles, hermeneutics, the theory of interpretations, at a popular level, a renewed interest in the person and work of the Holy Spirit. In his fascinating new study, Paul Brwon connects the two. He notes how little scholarly work has been done on the Holy Spirit., pointing out the few cursory references to the Holy Spirit's role in interpreting in most current hermeneutical studies. He works through the New Testament, considering each reference to the Holy Spirit thouroughly and shows that any study of hermeneutics must include serious consideration of the work of the Holy Spirit in assisting us to understand the work of the Holy Spirit.

About Paul Brown

Paul E. Brown is the minister of Dunstable Baptist Church in Bedfordshire, England. He has written Churches in Trouble? and is an editor of Grace magazine. He has also lectured at the EMF school of Evangelism and London Theological Seminary.

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... preachers and pastors should regard it as indispensable reading.

Evangelical Times

"Paul Brown has done the Christian world good service in restating a truth often dismissed or ignored in hermeneutical discussions, namely, the crucial importance of the Spirit's work in interpreting the text of Holy Scripture."

Revd Philip H Eveson, Principal, London Theological Seminary

"... as timely as it is important, and I heartily recommend it."

J. I. Packer, Well known author & Board of Governors' Professor of Theology, Regent College, Vancouver, Canada

"In understanding and interpreting the Bible, in depending more on the Holy Spirit and experiencing the power of the Bible in your life, this book can help you."

Eryl Davies, Head of Research, Wales Evangelical School of Theology, Bridgend, Wales

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