Lost in Wonder

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Lost in Wonder

A Biblical Introduction to God's Great Marriage

Peter Mead

Pages: 288
Trim: Trade paperback (198 x 130mm)
Isbn 13: 9781781919071
List Price: £8.99
Imprint: Christian Focus Adult Catalogue
Category: Christian Life > Spiritual Growth > General

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Often the gospel can become only a legal means of forgiveness - like a marriage which exists only to pay the mortgage.
Lost in Wonder is a call back to the joy of our salvation and our first love for Christ. It explores our current and eternal union with Christ using the Biblical analogy of marriage - and shows the profound beauty in both.

About Peter Mead

Peter Mead is director of Cor Deo, a mentored ministry training programme based in Chippenham, England. He is on the leadership team of a church plant and leads the Bible Teachers & Preachers Networks at the European Leadership Forum.

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This new book by Peter Mead, Lost in Wonder: A Biblical Introduction to God's Great Marriage, invites us all to rethink our perception of God with fresh categories. The truths explained here have certainly changed me, and I will never go back to the legalistic religion I used to lug around.

Ray Ortlund, Lead Pastor, Immanuel Church, Nashville, Tennessee

If ever a book earned its title, this one did, as I closed its pages "Lost in Wonder."

David Murray, Professor of Old Testament & Practical Theology, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, Michigan

There are many Bible overviews that trace God's plans through Scripture. Lost In Wonder explores God's passion, his proposal. Read this book to grasp not only the heart of the Scriptures but the heart of God.

Glen Scrivener, Evangelist, Speak Life, Eastbourne, East Sussex, England

That the powerful king of the universe is a God of passionate love makes for glorious biblical theology. That he would relentlessly pursue a sinner like me in such love is simply mind-blowing.

Dave Gobbett, Lead Minister, Highfields Church, Cardiff, Wales & Word Alive Trustee

There is a place in our heart for God, that absolutely nothing else can satisfy. Read this book with an open heart and let your hunger for His grace and presence grow.

Leif Nummela, Author & Bible Teacher, Finland

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