Speaking in Public Effectively

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Speaking in Public Effectively

How to prepare, How to present, How to progress

Richard Bewes

Pages: 192
Trim: Trade paperback (198 x 130mm)
Isbn 13: 9781781916834
List Price: £7.99
Imprint: Christian Focus Adult Catalogue
Category: Ministry Resources > Teaching Helps

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If speaking in public is normally something that concerns you, or fills you with fear, then this book will leave a warm rosy glow on your cheeks and the irresistible urge to try some of the ideas out as soon as you can. Richard Bewes, with deep knowledge and careful insight, carefully divides up the subject into easily digestible sections in a way that is memorable, and sprinkles anecdotes about his own experiences to illustrate many points.

About Richard Bewes

Richard Bewes is the author of several beloved books of faith including Talking About Prayer, 150 Pocket Thoughts, and The Goodnight Book. Bewes was the rector of All Souls Church in the centre of London from 1983 until his retirement in 2004. In 2005 he was awarded an OBE for his services to the Church of England.

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This book is a must... It is a joy to recommend a book that is such a delight to read.

Ruth Bell Graham, Wife of Billy Graham

... a most valuable aid for those who speak in public, irrespective of their subject... Richard Bewes is a wonderfully gifted speaker and writer.

David Suchet, Actor

A wealth of invaluable principles and practical tips from one of Britain's best known and experienced preachers.

Joel Edwards, International Director for Micah Challenge and former General Director of the Evangelical Alliance

Richard Bewes is one of the mostgifed and engaging speakers of our time. Here we have the distilled wisdom of his (nearly) 60 years of speking ministry ... Practical and enormously helpful ... If i'd had the benefit of Richard Bewe's wisdom a a young preacher, many more of my sermons would have ended up on the fire rather than in the pulpit!

Richard Coombs, Vicar of Burford

Whether you are just starting or already an experienced speaker, you will find something useful in this book. Perhaps you are saying, 'I could never stand up in front of other people and speak.' Read this book and find out from an expert how to go about it. The writing is clear and the numerous illustrations and anecdotes add humour and colour. The book itself is a model of good, contemporary communication.

The Monthly Record - Free Church of Scotland

... authoritative, full of interesting insights and amusing stories, but above all is biblically based and Christ centred. It is instructive and interesting to read and gave me much pleasure. As one who is called upon to give announcements or minor reports at a church business meeting from time to time one can understand the practical advice and the rich experiences that the author shares with all who are willing to read this valuable book. Indeed, someone recommending it says it ... should be required reading for Theological Colleges everywhere and for anyone called to preach or willing to do so.

Gospel Magazine

This is a stimulating book for all involved in public speaking. There is practical advice for those who speak for God in the pulpit, in evangelistic events, in the open air, at after -dinner talks or even in the radio studio. It is a good read for those new to public speaking while providing a necessary refresher course for those who have been proclaiming God's truth over many years. The author, Richard Bewes, is a church minister who speaks to hundreds every week. His content is distilled from a lifetime of experience by this international conference speaker.

Evangelicals Now

A delight... I only wish someone had given it to me 40 years ago.

The Church of England Newspaper

I simply couldn't put it down. It is immensely practical covering nearly every aspect of public speaking.

Lord Griffiths, Goldman Sachs

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