Mary Slessor

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Mary Slessor

A Life on the Altar for God

Bruce McLennan

Pages: 272
Trim: Trade paperback (198 x 130mm)
Isbn 13: 9781781915189
List Price: £9.99
Series: History Maker
Imprint: Christian Focus Adult Catalogue
Category: Biography > Missionary

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What a story and what a woman of God. Mary Slessor was a hero of the faith indeed - worthy to be ranked with those mentioned in the latter part of Hebrews chapter 11. This book is a good summary of her life and mission service with an incisive assessment of her character, ministry and impact on both Calabar and Scotland. She broke the accepted norms of 19C mission in her identification with the people, commitment and willingness to suffer for the gospel - and with what remarkable results.

Patrick Johnstone, WEC Interational Regional Director for Europe & Author Emeritus, Operation World

What we would call her life of sacrifice, Mary Slessor called a life of privilege. Persevering through many hardships and sadness with humility, God's sovereign purposes meant everything to her.
Amazing, encouraging, challenging, inspiring - a wonderful read.

Carine MacKenzie, Best-selling author of children’s books, Inverness, Scotland

... This biography not only tells us what Mary Slessor accomplished but also analyses why her labours had such a deep impact. We do well to learn from her example!

Conrad Mbewe, Pastor of Kabwata Baptist Church, Lusaka, Zambia


Mary Slessor was no ordinary woman, indeed she was no ordinary missionary. Brought up in Dundee, one of eleven children, Mary was called to mission. Setting sail for West Africa on the 5th August 1876, Mary arrived one month later. Bruce McLennan examines this remarkable story of a woman who shared the Gospel, stood up against inequality and impacted all areas of life in Calabar with boldness and conviction. McLennan also considers the debt owed to the work of previous missionaries who had established the work and looks at the legacy of Slessor after her death.

About Bruce McLennan

Bruce McLennan holds degrees from Edinburgh University, the University of Guelph, Ontaria, the University of Aberdeen and Dundee University. Specialising in Church History, particularly the Reformation in the North-east of Scotland he has contributed to a number of journal articles and has spent most of his career in secondary education in England, Scotland and Western Australia.

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.. I challenge you to read this book and not feel deeply convicted by the beauty of a life poured out on God's altar for eternity and not want the same- whatever the cost.

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