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Bible Overview

Steve Levy, Paul Blackham

Pages: 336
Trim: Trade paperback (198 x 130mm)
Isbn 13: 9781845503789
List Price: £6.99
Imprint: Christian Focus Adult Catalogue
Category: Biblical Studies > General > Bible Introduction

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Featured Reviews

"With an evident love for the task, and with a delightfully light touch, Steve Levy wants to show us the glory of Christ and with plenty of fun along the way!"

William Philip, Minister, The Tron Church, Glasgow

"... Steve Levy fights back to reclaim a thrilling Bible that from beginning to end speaks of Jesus. If you want more joy in your Bible reading, if you want to love Christ more, read it!"

Michael Reeves, President and Professor of Theology, Union School of Theology, Oxford, England

"This is a page-turner of a book! I truly cannot think of a better way of introducing someone to the Bible than through these wonderfully luminous chapters."

Richard Bewes, OBE, formerly of All Souls Church, Langham Place, London, England

"That it is well written and easy to read is good for starters; but the heart of the situation is the sheer happiness of meeting someone who is so in love with the Bible, so sensible in his approach..."

Alec Motyer, (1924-2016) Well known Bible expositor and commentary writer

"Steve has a fever for the Bible and is desperate to infect you! Let him."

Dale Ralph Davis, Minister in Residence, First Presbyterian Church, Columbia, South Carolina


Foreword by Richard Bewes. This will give you a brilliant introduction to the Bible! Written with young people and new believers in mind, Steve helps us get to grips with the structure and the meaning of God's Word. In fact it is Steve's desire that we delight after God's Word and he hopes that desire to devour God's Word and enjoy it would be birthed in us. The group study material from each chapter is available to download.

About Steve Levy

Steve Levy is the pastor of Mount Pleasant Baptist Church a thriving city centre church in Swansea, Wales.

About Paul Blackham

Paul Blackham has been preaching since the age of 14 and has a PhD in systematic theology from Kings College London. He has ministered at several churches, and is currently a Church Planter at Soul Church, Neath. He is also author of the Book by Book Bible study DVD series.

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"My prayer is that the Holy Spirit will use this lively and stimulating book by Steve Levy to remove the veil from many minds."

Stuart Olyott, Pastoral Director, Evangelical Movement of Wales

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