When the Thornbush Blooms

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When the Thornbush Blooms

Help for the hurting

Irene Howat

Pages: 96
Trim: Trade paperback (198 x 130mm)
Isbn 13: 9781857920093
List Price: £5.99
Imprint: Christian Focus Adult Catalogue
Category: Biography > Autobiography

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When life gets tough we can sometimes assume it will always stay that way. But behind every hard time and following every rough patch the Christian finds that God brings times of blessing.

God is after all, the one who can make the desert blossom like a rose. Irene Howat has seen tough times herself. Here she looks at difficult situations experienced by others and shows how God brought comfort and encouragement even in the middle of pain and disaster.

About Irene Howat

Irene Howat is an award-winning author and a talented artist in Ayrshire, Scotland. She is married to a retired minister and they have a grown family. She especially enjoys receiving letters from her readers and replies to all of them. Check out her new stories at

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