Cambridge and the Evangelical Succession

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Cambridge and the Evangelical Succession

Marcus Loane

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These are the stories of four key ministers of the 18th and 19th centuries who changed the whole spirit of the Church of England - and whose influence is still seen today. Each one of these men was associated with Cambridge University.

William Grimshaw (1708-1763) Christ's College, was a friend of John Wesley who was one of the first leaders of the 18th century revival. He frequently had 1200 worshippers at his church in Haworth (most outside the building!). Even the modern day Poet Laureate, Ted Hughes, felt his influence.

John Berridge (1716-1793) Clare College was influenced by Grimshaw and became known as the �Pedlar of the Gospel' after refusing to obey his Bishop who said he should NOT be preaching to the people in the fields.

Henry Venn (1725-1797) Queen's College was also a leader in the Evangelical Revival and the �spiritual father' of the Clapham Sect of Social reformers, which included William Wilberforce's campaign against slavery. He was also the mentor to

Charles Simeon* (1759-1836) Kings College, a founder of the Church Missionary Society and a key consultant for the East India Company on their choice of chaplains, one of whom was his curate.

Sir Marcus Loane has also written Oxford and the Evangelical Succession (ISBN 978-1-84550-245-4).

About Marcus Loane

Sir Marcus Loane(1911-2009) was the first Australian Archbishop of Sydney and Primate of the Anglican Church of Australia. He was also Principal of Moore Theological College in Sydney. He wrote many acclaimed biographical works and was one of the Key architects of post-war Anglicanism in Sydney.

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This is a book, which will delight anyone who is interested in the revival under the Wesleys or history of the early evangelical movement in the Church of England. It is also a volume that is written in a readily accessible style that will challenge and inspire a Christian faith in the twenty-first century. It would make an excellent gift to anyone particularly to your church minister if he hasn't yet drawn inspiration from these exceptional and exemplary men of God.

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