Things God wants us to Know

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Things God wants us to Know

Roger Carswell

Pages: 64
Trim: Hardback (170 x 125mm)
Isbn 13: 9781845502423
List Price: £4.99
Imprint: Christian Focus Adult Catalogue
Category: Theology & Doctrine > Doctrine > Apologetics

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Everybody has an opinion about God - but few people actually are brave enough to think it through. Thinking about God may result in changing things about your life! Many are prepared to share what they think about God but not so many have ever asked 'What does God want us to know about him?'. Here is just such a guide that distills the essence of the Christian message to those prepared to look for God.

Roger Carswell has spent many years explaining the Christian message to people, that experience comes through in this gift book that gently opens up a world of opportunities to those prepared to start thinking. Do you love someone enough to share the gospel with them. 'Things God wants you to know' will enable you to do this so that they can read it reflectively in their own time.

About Roger Carswell

Roger Carswell works full-time speaking to students and adults about the believability of the Christian faith and its relevance to the modern world. He is married to Dot and they have four children.

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"These are smart little books that explain the gospel clearly, compassionately and engagingly (and at a really great price). We bought a whole load to give away at our work's carol service recently - they went down brilliantly. I'd warmly encourage you to do the same at your workplace."

Daniel Rackham, Corporate Banker at the Royal Bank of Scotland and organiser of Christians in RBS

"These books are a wonderful tool for evangelism. We've bought a few boxes of Things God Wants You To Know to use at our evangelistic events as a free give-away as people leave. They are affordable for the church, but most importantly they explain the gospel in such a clear and winsome way - we are delighted to be able to make this book available."

Derek Guest, Vicar of St Andrew’s Parish Church, Cheadle Hulme, Cheshire

"The author is a clear communicator who uses good verbal illustrations, and this would be an acceptable small volume to give to a seeker."

CLC World Magazine,

" is a lucid presentation of the gospel full of contemporary allusions, vivid illustrations and packs a powerful gospel punch. Open-minded friends would be pleased to be given this solid little book."

John Benton, Managing Editor, Evangelicals Now

Customer Reviews

I got a copy of this book and sent it to an unsaved friend. I think that a key thing is that we assume that everyone knows who God is. This is an assumption that may not be true as most people have an opinion about God and they think that their opinion is right. What this book does is that it tells us what God has revealed about himself so that the reader has a clear understanding of who God is before the writer goes on to explain who we are. I heartily recommend this book.

Posted by George Falconer Oswestry at 17:10 on Tuesday 20 January 2009

What does God want us to know? The writer explains: He wants us to know who He is; He wants us to know who we are; He wants us to know what He has done; He wants us to know what we must do. The writer explains these matters very simply. In a short book, we learn many great truths about God, about ourselves, and also the hope that we can have through being in a right relationship with God. The author affirms the Christian belief of the way of salvation through a personal faith in Jesus Christ. I recommend this book wholeheartedly. It is simple to follow and contains many vivid illustrations, which help to further explain the points he seeks to make. In conclusion, this book gives a clear, simple and yet important message for many people today.

Posted by Andrew Young, Fraserburgh at 21:39 on Friday 11 April 2008