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Gladys Aylward

Gladys Aylward

Are you going to stop?

~ Catherine MacKenzie

Story of how Gladys Aylward was called by God to go to China as a missionary. As a girl she had always wanted to be taller and to have blonde hair. On arriving in China she realises that the people there all have dark hair and... read more


My Easter Activity Book

My Easter Activity Book

40 Days to Celebrate Jesus’ Resurrection

~ Catherine MacKenzie, Kim Shaw

It's the countdown to Easter. There are 40 days to go until we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. In this book there are puzzles and codes, activities and crafts to help you remember the real reason for... read more


Amy Carmichael

Amy Carmichael

Can brown eyes be made blue?

~ Catherine MacKenzie

The true story of Amy Carmichael and her looking glass. Out of the mirror two eyes peep. A young girl wonder if God has answered her prayer. Amy wants a new look. She wants blue eyes now and not brown. When Amy sees that the... read more




To Get You Through the Day or Night

~ Catherine MacKenzie

With sources ranging from Calvin to Victor Hugo and topics ranging from Life to God, this little book of quotes can pique the interest of anyone, from any background. Each page contains a quote and a related Bible verse, making... read more


Martin Luther

Martin Luther

Reformation Fire

~ Catherine MacKenzie

What made an ordinary monk become a catalyst for the Reformation in Europe in the 1500s? What were the reasons lying behind his nailing of 95 theses against the practice of indulgences to the door of the Schlosskirche in... read more


Little Lights Box Set 2

Little Lights Box Set 2

~ Catherine MacKenzie

These five beautifully illustrated hardbacks continue the Little Lights series and cover the lives of David Livingstone, John Calvin, Martin Luther, Eric Liddell and Mary Slessor.... read more


The Good Father

The Good Father

Luke 15: God is Patient

~ Catherine MacKenzie

Jesus told a story about a young son, his older brother and their loving father. It's a great story that teaches us about God and about how patient he is. Jesus told stories, great stories, that tell us about who God is and what... read more


The Very First Christmas

The Very First Christmas

~ Catherine MacKenzie

"I remember your first Christmas. We said, 'You're here at last. We had waited for you for sooo long. On the very first Christmas another baby was born. The world had been waiting for Jesus, God's Son, for many years." A family... read more


Little Lights Box Set 1

Little Lights Box Set 1

~ Catherine MacKenzie

These five beautifully illustrated hardback books give lessons from the lives of famous Christians from the past - Amy Carmichael, Hudson Taylor, Corrie ten Boom, George Muller and Helen Roseveare. Learn about God's plans for... read more


The Good Traveller

The Good Traveller

Luke 10: God Saves

~ Catherine MacKenzie

Jesus told a story about a gang of robbers, an injured man and a Good Traveller. It's a great story that tells us about God and that He is the Saviour. Jesus told stories, great stories, that tell us about who God is and what he... read more

11. John Knox: Who will save you?

12. My Christmas Activity Book: 25 Days to Celebrate Jesus' Birth

13. Joni Eareckson Tada: Swimming Against the Tide

14. The Good Shepherd: Luke 15: God Rejoices

15. The Wise And Foolish Builders: Matthew 7: Build on Jesus

16. Corrie Ten Boom: Are all of the watches safe?

17. Hudson Taylor: Could somebody pass the salt?

18. What God Says: God Is Forever

19. God Gave Me Taste

20. I Can Say to God, Please

21. John Knox: The Sharpened Sword

22. Hudson Taylor: An Adventure Begins

23. God's Family: The Greatest Royal Family Ever

24. Hall of Fame Old Testament

25. Deep Black Pond At No. 12: Tammy and Jake Learn About Health and Sickness

26. The Wise And Foolish Bridesmaids: Matthew 25: Be Ready

27. God Gave Me Sight

28. How Prayer Impacts Lives: 41 Christians and their Conversations with God

29. C.S. Lewis: Can you imagine?

30. David Livingstone: Who is the bravest?

31. Jesus Christ the Best King of All

32. The Wise And Foolish Servants: Matthew 25: Use God's Gifts

33. What God Says: Salvation

34. The Two Margarets: Danger on the Hill

35. Richard Wurmbrand: A Voice in the Dark

36. Scottish Highland Adventures

37. George Müller: Does money grow on trees?

38. What God Says: Redemption

39. What God Says: Creation

40. God Is King

41. Billy Graham: Just get up out of your Seat

42. I Can Say to God, I'm Sorry

43. Eric Liddell: Are you ready?

44. What God Says: Holiness

45. Helen Roseveare: What's in the parcel?

46. How to be a Bible Beauty

47. How to Be a Bible Princess

48. Christian Heroines: Just Like You

49. I Can Say to God, Thank You

50. Big Green Tree At No. 11: Tammy and Jake learn about Life and Death

51. Lottie Moon: What do you need?

52. Going to the Doctor: US Edition

53. The Bible Is God's Word : The Evidence

54. John Calvin: After Darkness Light

55. Going to the Doctor

56. What the Bible Means to Me: Testimonies of How God's Word impacts Lives

57. How to be a Bible Warrior

58. The Greatest Rescue: A puzzle book about Jesus and the Resurrection

59. God Gave Me Touch

60. John Calvin: What is the truth?

61. Mary Slessor: Servant to the Slave

62. Jesus: The Best Baby

63. God Made Time

64. Mary Slessor: What is it like?

65. God Made Weather

66. My God Is So Big

67. Jesus Rose From the Dead - the Evidence

68. What God Says: Resurrection

69. Jesus Christ to the Rescue

70. God Made Water

71. I Can Say to God, I Love You

72. God Made Food

73. God Gave Me Smell

74. God Gave Me Feelings

75. What God Says: Repenting

76. Our New Baby

77. Sent to Save Display With 24 Books

78. Hall of Fame New Testament

79. Our New Baby US Edition

80. God Gave Me Hearing

81. My Bible Abc

82. God's Little Guidebooks Creation: 8 Books Box Set

83. What God Says: God Is Always Fair

84. What God Says: God Does a Swap

85. The Greatest Gift: A puzzle book about the Birth of Jesus

86. What God Says: God Does It Right

87. The Lonely Grey Dog At No. 6: Tammy and Jake Learn About Love and Loyalty

88. Martin Luther: What should I do?

89. Simeon And Anna See Jesus: Born to be King 3

90. God Creates Fish And Birds

91. Jesus Helps His People

92. Jesus Rescues His People

93. Jesus Finds His People

94. Jesus Saves His People

95. Dark Blue Bike At No. 17: Tammy and Jake learn about Friendship and Bullying

96. My God Is So Big

97. God Creates Animals And People

98. Our New Home

99. Going to School

100. The Wise Men Help Jesus: Born to be King 4

101. How to Have a Bible Makeover

102. Mary And Joseph Love Jesus: Born to be King 1

103. The Shepherds Find Jesus: Born to be King 2

104. God Creates New Life in Me

105. God Is King

106. God Creates a Day of Rest

107. Born to Be King Display: Retail presentation unit

108. God Creates the Water And the Sky

109. God Creates the Land, Seas and Plants

110. God Creates the Sun, Moon And Stars

111. God Creates Light

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