Contemporary Theologies

Theological efforts to relate christian theology to the contemporary world. includes constructive, postmodern, feminist and liberation theologies.

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Christianity and its Competitors

Christianity and its Competitors

The new faces of old heresy

~ James McGoldrick

Christianity is the most populous faith on the planet. Yet it has many competitors. Some of these competing belief systems have displayed terrific energy in recent years and witnessed a growth in following as a result. One of the... read more

The Fracture of Faith

The Fracture of Faith

Recovering the Belief of the Gospel in a Post-modern world

~ Douglas Vickers

Mark Noll wrote in his 1994 book 'The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind' that "The scandal of the Evangelical mind is that there is not much of an evangelical mind." Theologians have seemed to concentrate on deconstructing the... read more

Contours of Pauline Theology

Contours of Pauline Theology

A Radical New Survey of the Influences on Paul's Biblical Writings

~ Tom Holland

New Paperback edition. The Apostle Paul is a controversial church figure. Many theologians accuse Paul of starting a new religion: of hijacking early Christianity in a different direction. Is this a fair charge? Tom Holland... read more

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