Hamartiology / Sin

Doctrine of sin.

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Cracking the Foundation

Cracking the Foundation

The New Perspective on Paul

~ Robert J. Cara

The New Perspective on Paul claims that the Reformed understanding of justification is wrong - that it misunderstands Paul and the Judaism with which he engages. The New Perspective's revised understanding of Second Temple... read more

Redeem the Time

Redeem the Time

Sin in the writings of John Owen

~ Steve Griffiths

John Owen was one of the great Puritans of the 17th Century whose writings and theology have gone through a welcome resurgence of interest in the last fifty years. His writings are a constant reference source for spiritual truths... read more

The Doctrine of Sin

The Doctrine of Sin

~ Iain D. Campbell

Modern theology reveres the names of Karl Barth, Rudolf Bultmann and Emil Brunner, hailed as the heroes of a new, modern and re-stated Reformation theology - a new orthodoxy for a new age. In this book, Iain D. Campbell focuses... read more

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