Exegesis & Hermeneutics

Theory and practice of biblical interpretation.

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How to Study the Bible

How to Study the Bible

~ Richard Mayhue

Mayhue provides tools to enrich your study time by understanding what the Bible says and means through methods of Biblical interpretation. His study tips will guide you to avoid common errors and to find a straight path to... read more

How to Choose a Bible Version

How to Choose a Bible Version

Revised Edition includes ESV & TNIV

~ Robert L. Thomas

The explosive growth in new Bible translations has given new concerns to people when they buy a Bible. If scholars disagree on how to translate the original languages how are you to judge? There is now a huge increase in... read more

The Gender Neutral Bible Controversy

The Gender Neutral Bible Controversy

Is the age of political correctness altering the meaning of God's words?

~ Wayne Grudem, Vern Poythress

Updated edition with new chapters on the TNIV. A battle has commenced. On one side - a large Christian publishing house and one of the largest Bible Societies in the world. On the other - a large Christian pressure group and an... read more

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